Our Sponsors and Partners

Cleaning of lagoons

Thanks to all the good people that are helping us in our regular lagoon cleaning. Thanks also to all the sponsors that have assisted us in this noble act.

Ocean Spirit is organises frequent lagoon cleaning. We are hoping more and more people will join us is this noble act as we are all sharing this same planet. We believe that through influence, we can help change habits and bring stability to our planets downfall. Rates, subscribe to us, offer us your projects and ideas and we shall together try to make things happen.

On our last lagoon cleaning of the 8th October, we have puled out 150 kg of rubbish from the lagoon. This has been accomplished with the help of sponsors as Saekodive, Domeau Maurice, Habit and MSDA. We are hoping with your assistance to make our event bigger and bigger so we can get the trust and support of new sponsors.

Help us protect the Ocean!

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